Zinny Udala

Zinny Udala is a Belgian-Nigerian actor.

She speaks fluent French and English and converses well in Flemish and Igbo.

During one of Zinny’s tedious university lectures, the suppressed happiness of her childhood performing days resurfaced. She completed a degree in nursing, packed her bags and moved to Scotland in pursuit of her dreams. After her HNC/HND training at the City College of Glasgow and Glasgow Kelvin College, Zinny received her BA (Hons) in Acting and Performance from Queen Margaret University (Edinbrugh).

Zinny has appeared in various musicals and has toured in Europe.

She is an avid writer and an alumna of the Traverse Theatre Young Writers Programme (Edinburgh).
She also had her professional acting debut at the Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh).

Zinny is based in London and Brussels.

She once cycled through Switzerland, Germany and France in 5 hours.

Her favourite activity is listening to radio dramas while cooking.