The following reviews are from Peppa Pig's Adventure! UK & Ireland Tour 2017/2018


“Fast-paced, colourful fun”

We'd go back and watch it again - we loved it!

The show was a huge hit with my little boy who had a huge smile on his face throughout and asked even if he could stay to see the next show. It's a must for all Peppa fans.

The following reviews are from Peppa Pig's Surprise! UK Tour 2015/16


The young audience didn't want the party to end.


What a great show to see for those children who are huge Peppa Pig fans. My 2 year old daughter cried as it finished as she desperately wanted to see more of her favourites. She has talked continuously about it since.

It's a perfect way to keep your toddler entertained and worth every penny to see their face light up the first time we see the famous Peppa Pig.

I can't really fault it. A wonderful experience for little ones, totally engaging throughout. If you have kids under five, it's just pure piggy heaven!

The show is great fun with loads of songs and chances to join in - and that's what makes it work. The producers have done an amazing job at putting on a truly magical show.

In the words of a three year old, "It was awesome…"

A squirting, snorting, exhausting show … A puppet Peppa and her family have fun around the house in a touring stage version that stays close to the TV series and gets the kids singing and giggling


The littluns are treated to some lovely sequences. My favourite was the bedtime arrival of a little red monkey - and some excellent songs.


The producers have done an amazing job at recreating the magic of the TV show. A bright, colourful cardboard cut out set, jaunty music and talented puppeteers are all present and correct as is simple, age appropriate storytelling and slick, fast-paced action.

... pure piggy heaven.

If you have children who are fans of the TV show the live theatre performance is really worth watching and makes for a great afternoon out with the children..


I'd recommend this show to any parent with Peppa mad toddlers it really is the best. We give this show a fabulous 5 out of 5.

The following reviews are from Peppa Pig's Big Splash! UK Tour 2014

Muddy fun makes the audience squeal. Piggy heaven.


Oinking good fun! Peppa Pig and friends take to the stage on year-long UK tour


A fantastic production, with clever use of puppets which completely captured the kid's imagination and attention for the whole show


A wonderful show that I would take my daughter to see again and again.

Safe to say, every child in the audience loved it.

The ideal introduction to the theatre

The real decider was my two year old daughter and watching her laugh, shout and cheer throughout just about said it all - a fantastic afternoon enjoyed by all!


A great introduction to theatre. An ideal balance of audience interaction, and visual and musical stimulation.

Audience interaction with dancing and singing was actively encouraged throughout. Thumbs up from this family!

Everyone loved Peppa Pig Live. Perfectly timed to hold the attention of even the youngest child there.